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The Bonanza Project

Location: Salome, Arizona
Ownership: 40% Tombstone, 60% Goldrock Resources, Inc.
Minerals: Gold, Silver and Copper 
Property Size: 2,656 acres

History – Gold was discovered in the Harquahala area in 1862. There were a reported 120,560 ounces of gold from the mine from 1891 to 1929. Grades of gold were reported to be over an ounce per ton of gold from the Bonanza mine. .

  • The Bonanza Mine Area is 5 miles North of I-10 Exit 53 (Hovatter Rd), ~110 miles West of Phoenix Airport.
  •  +180,000 oz Au (Gold) mined 1880s-early 1900s, @ 1+ oz Au/ton: high angle shear zones on thrust sheets
  • Mine water table at ~200’; Gold Zone continued; mill could not process sulfides, so not mined
  • Potential low-grade targets along miles long thrust plate.
  • Bonanza mine/mill left 500,000+ tons dumps/tails @ 0.04-0.10 oz Au/ton containing 25-40,000+ oz Au
  • Previous/current leach test-work on tailings/dumps indicate recovery of Au @ 88%+; Ag @ 25% +


Future predictions – The Bonanza Project is Tombstone’s latest acquisition. The project will be in partnership with Richard Moores, CEO and Director of Goldrock Resources, Inc., and Todd Fayram, Director of Goldrock Resources, Inc., who have a 60% majority investment in the project. Bonanza Area Claim Block with Defined 250-350k oz Au Target Areas.1-1.5+ MM oz Au Overall Potential

  • $3 MM Bonanza Heap Leach to generate US$20-35+ million within 12 months of startup.
  • 2-4 months final conformations/design/bids, condemnation drill/trench, initiate permitting.
  • Permitting to take 9-15 months, US$125-150,000; similar to nearby heap leach (Phase 1 – Moss Mine).
  • +/- US$3.0 MM capital (Vendor bids,+0.5MM Contingency), 4-6  months construction, 4-8 months operation.
  •  3.5k oz Au (Gold) of 20-30k+oz Au projected, yields capital/ops break-even; US$1,200/oz Au; $16 /oz Ag
  • –Additional nearby dumps & tailings could add 4-6,000+ oz Au to leach pad inventory.

Key Investors in the Bonanza Project:

Richard Moores, CEO and Director of Goldrock Resources, Inc. - Mr. Moores, with a half century in the mining industry, was founder, CEO, President & Director of Anatolia Minerals Development Ltd (now Alacer Gold; ASR:TSE), a publicly-listed company focused on exploration and development in Turkey which discovered a number of large copper and gold deposits .  One of these, the Copler Gold Mine, was put into production in 2011 and produces ~200,000 oz Au/yr.   While CEO, Mr. Moores grew Anatolia from an initial $800,000 to a $1 Billion market cap when he left.  Beginning with 7 years exploration in the SW USA, Mr. Moores has worked with (AMAX, Conoco Minerals, Mobil Mining & Coal) or created a number of private and public resources companies (AZCO Mining [$60k-$30MM, 4yrs], Mesa Mining, Erdenet Copper SXEW, etc.), directing exploration and development programs in a numerous countries, including the USA, Kazakhstan, Russia, Mexico, Malaysia, Ecuador, New Zealand, Mongolia, Bulgaria, Serbia and Colombia among others. Mr. Moores holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Geology from Cornell University, and both a Masters Degree in Geology and a Masters of Business Administration from University of Arizona.

Todd Fayram, B. Sc. Eng., MMSA QP (43-101), Director and Independent Consultant of Goldrock Resources, Inc. - Todd Fayram is a Metallurgical Engineer with 28 years of experience in minerals consulting, mineral economics, mine design, process design, metallurgical engineering, engineering services, research, and industrial plant operations. His current and recent global assignments include projects in United States, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, and Australia.  Experienced and trained in Mineral Processing and Metallurgical Engineering, he also has extensive industrial experience in safety, mining, crushing, mineral processing, hydrometallurgy, electrometallurgy, environmental affairs, and mineral economics.   He has designed, permitted, constructed and managed operations at a number of gold mines  in Arizona and Northern Mexico including American Bonanza’s Copperstone Gold Mine north of Quartzite, AZ, and Hecla’s La Cholla and Minefinder’s Dolores Gold mines in Northern Mexico.

James Dale Davidson, Director and Co-Editor of Strategic Investment - James has spent over 30 years as a specialist “crisis investor.” James has been warning investors about the dangers of a financial collapse for over 20 years. The first time was in his 1987 book, “Blood in the Streets: Investment Profits in a World Gone Mad.” Then he warned about America’s dire fiscal trends again in his 1994 book, “The Great Reckoning: Protecting Yourself in the Coming Depression” (which he wrote alongside former editor of The Times of London, Lord William Rees-Mogg). He now has his new book, “The Age of Deception.” James has also testified before the House Ways and Means Committee about the dangers of government sponsored enterprises (GSEs), such as Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Over the years, he’s also helped investors protect their wealth and profit by accurately forecasting some of the biggest political shifts of our time, including events such as the death of the Soviet Union, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the rise of Islamic terrorism and the recent bank and corporate bailouts. These predictions were deemed “impossible” when they were made. (Newsweek even described his forecasts as “an unthinking attack on reason.”) But subsequent events have proven him right. More recently, he predicted the election of Donald Trump and its devastating effect on the Mexican peso, on which a number of his readers profited handsomely.