Mining News

The Mayor of Townsville says Labor's lack of support for coal mining is pushing people towards right-wing political parties.
The MOU would give Wealth Minerals access to Rosatom’s technology.
Of all the mining sectors, gold is possibly the most fragmented, and the gold industry and its investors would realize considerable benefits from consolidation.
A research group led by Jay Chapman, an assistant professor at the University of Wyoming, published a study that shows that much […]
Vermelho will generate $7.3 billion in total cash flow over 38 years, Horizonte Minerals says.
Markets today are witnessing a shift away from fundamentally driven investment decisions toward mechanized, automated mass-market investment products.
"For one, copper supply is probably less ample than the apparent consumption data indicate."
Copper bulls use robust economic data and progress on trade talks to push the price higher.
Drill Test of Geophysical Anomaly Intersected over 235 metres of Magnetite Mineralization.
More than five hundred gold panners have received support from an on-the-ground team to attain socially and environmentally responsible mining practices standards.