Management Team

Experienced Leadership With a Track Record of Success

Alan M. Brown, President & CEO – Mr. Brown is the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer. He has an extensive background in accounting and mining exploration, along with experience in corporate mergers and acquisitions, real estate acquisition and development. Prior to founding TMBXF, Mr. Brown spent several years working for a chartered accounting firm on Vancouver Island. He was also the Chief Controller for a Canadian real estate property development company involved in multi-million dollar projects. Mr. Brown has been involved in the public markets since 2001 as senior board member of all companies that he has worked with. Mr. Brown has been instrumental in all new project acquisitions for Tombstone Exploration Corporation.

Daniel A. Cistone, Chairman of the Board - Mr. Cistone brings his broad technical background and proven boardroom leadership experience to the role of Chairman. He has strong experience and expertise in finance, which includes acquisitions and startups both domestically and abroad, as well as management of those companies, and will be a huge asset to the company. Mr. Cistone is the President of Daniel A. Cistone’s Consulting LLC. and serves as a Director on several corporate and local boards in his community. Previously, he spent 40 years with M&C Specialties Co., a global fabrication company as CFO/CEO. He received his BSBA in Accounting from Villanova University in Villanova, PA.

Donald Rauch, Director - Mr. Rauch graduated in 1969 from Michigan State University cum laude in Business Administration.  Donald was President and CEO from 1995-2007 of M & C Specialties Co, a leading global fabricator/converter of pressure sensitive materials.  He grew the business from a one plant operation in Philadelphia to an international business with plants in Ireland, Mexico, China and California.  M & C Specialties was sold to ITW in June of 2007. His board experience is extensive, being M&C Specialties 1973 through 2007, Creative Financial Group Advisory Council, Warminster Hospital, Gasket Fabricators Assoc., Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Center, Laminators Inc., and Airline Hydraulics Inc.

Mark Mehok, Director - Mr. Mehok graduated in 1991 from the University of Pittsburgh with a BS in Sports Medicine. He then went on to obtain his Master of Science from Widener University in 1996 and then his MBA from Penn State University in 2001. He was a practicing physical therapist prior to establishing 2M Sales and Development which is an independent sales and distribution company in the healthcare and medical device space.  He still acts as the President of 2M Sales and Development.  He is an investor in numerous start up companies. 

Sadler, Gibb & Associates, LLC, Certified Public Accountants - Sadler, Gibb & Associates is a Salt Lake City, UT based public accounting firm specializing in delivering audit, tax, and advisory services to small and medium-sized publicly-traded and private companies. We deliver personalized, cost effective, high quality engagements.

Jessica M. Lockett, Legal - Jessica M. Lockett serves as the legal representative to Tombstone Exploration Corporation.