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Tombstone Exploration Corporation Announces Signed Agreement With Goldrock Resources, Inc. for Bonanza Mine Project

Tombstone Exploration Corporation (OTCPK: TMBXF),  a fully reporting company, announced today that Nine RC drill holes totaling 5000’ were completed at the Stardust project in November.  Drilling focused mostly on the western half of the property with -45 degree inclined holes.  The main Stardust Mine structure, which strikes just north of due east, and secondary NE fault splays on its north side were primary targets.  Drill holes across these structures consistently intercepted intervals of quartz veining, strong silicification, and associated iron oxide minerals, all prospective for gold-silver mineralization.  Wall rocks to the veins included propylitically altered monzonite intrusive, meta-volcanic, and meta-sedimentary rocks.  Most of the 2017 drilling occurred in an area of thin (25-90’) gravel cover created by downward offset on the N and NW sides of E-W and NE structures.  Blind structural drill targets were partly resolved with the 2015 Zonge Engineering ground magnetic data, and partly discernible from detailed air photos and geologic mapping.  Though the gravel contains angular fragments of gold-silver bearing, banded epithermal quartz vein material, it hindered historic development work at Stardust during the 1920’s, by obscuring in place quartz veins.

The overall Stardust epithermal system appears differentially eroded from east to west.  East of the historic mine shafts, exposures are good.  Rock chip gold-silver results improve nearer to the historic Stardust mine shafts, which are located in a central corridor where the precious metals zone is better preserved from erosion, but incompletely covered by gravel.  Drill holes SDR 5 and 6 tested this corridor.  Drill holes SDR 7 through SDR 13 targeted quartz veins beneath gravel cover up to 300’ north and 1500’ west of the historic shafts.  These holes encountered the strongest quartz vein intervals, up to 55’ thick.  Quartz vein intervals were encountered through a depth range from just below the gravel cover to downhole depths up to 615’, suggesting good preservation of the precious metals zone at depth.  About 1300’ west of the Stardust shaft, a prominent NE structure further down-drops tertiary volcanic rocks into fault contact with older intrusive and metamorphic rocks that host the known quartz veins.  SDR 12 was collared in the hanging wall of this structure and encountered a thicker gravel sequence, tertiary volcanic rocks, and quartz veining at the fault contact between the tertiary volcanic rocks and pre-tertiary basement rocks, as well as additional quartz veins and silicification in the basement rocks.  Strong alteration and structurally-controlled quartz veining continue to the western extent of the 2017 drilling, leaving the Stardust epithermal system open to the west and potentially still strengthening to the west. 

Alan Brown, President of TMBXF, stated, “We have executed and completed our drill program for the Stardust Project for 2017. The first two phases of drilling were completed within our budget and we are highly optimistic as we await the assay results, TMBXF is  planning the 3rd phase of drilling for the 1st quarter of the new year.”

This drill program clearly shows the Stardust project contains an epithermal alteration system much larger and stronger than indicated by the restricted historic workings and surface exposures and requires further drilling to determine its size.  The strength and extent of quartz veining and silicification observed during the drill program suggest excellent potential for significant gold and silver results.  All 1000 samples are presently at Skyline Assayers and Laboratories in Tucson, Arizona.  Results are expected in 4-6 weeks.

In summary, the recently completed 9-hole drill program at Stardust has successfully confirmed the presence of quartz veins outside of previously tested areas at the Stardust property.  The drilling identified strong quartz vein structures  along the trend for over 1500 feet west of the historic Stardust shafts. Drilling encountered quartz veins and metallic mineralization in the area outside the historic underground workings. This suggests that there could be additional precious metal resources in known structures west of the historic mines

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